Teacher of Texas History Award

The Teacher of Texas History Award is presented to a public or private school teacher who has exhibited extraordinary qualities as an instructor of Texas history. The selected teacher will receive an award, a $500 check and an invitation to speak at our banquet.


The 2014 recipient of the Teacher of Texas History Award was Penny Adams a 7th grade teacher at York Jr. High in the Conroe School District.

“Texas History is not only her profession, but also her passion.  Ms. Adam’s , an avid researcher, can often be found neck deep in a basement full of archives.  She is dedicated to passing on the historical legacy of our State  to each 7th grader who enters her classroom, through creative lessons, storytelling, and various projects.”


There are 20 past recipients of the Teacher of Texas History Award.


Nomination Form

Nominate yourself or an outstanding teacher of Texas history using the online form below.  Be sure to attach any pictures or artifacts that my help us in making our decision.  Nominations for our 2016 Teacher of Texas History Award must be submitted by December 1st, 2016.  The award will be given at our annual banquet in March, 2017.

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