James R. (1st Lt. Cav.) Cook


James Russell Cook was born in Georgia and , moved to the Alabama territory when he was 5 years old with his family. He answered a call for volunteers in an Alabama newspaper for ” Urgent and earnest appeals for aid”in October 1835 and emigrated in December 1835 to Texas.

Originally he was in Col. Fannin’s command ( Capt. Peyton Wyatt Company from December 25, 1835 to February 29, 1836 , but was granted a furlough and missed Goliad massacre. He able to Join Sam Houston and his army at Beason’s Ford and was next elected First Lieutenant in Captain Karnes Company of Calvary and later served until as a Captain of the Calvary from June 5th , and finally discharged by Thomas Rusk on November 1 , 1836.He served in the calvary at San Jacinto in the skirmish on April 20th and in the battle on April 21st on the right side . Later he was one of the invited guests to the the First Anniversary Ball for the Republic of Texas at Washington on March 2, 1837.

He settled near Washington , Texas , was married to Sarah Ann Lott and had two sons. ( John W Cook and James Russell Cook Jr. ) He spent time buying and selling land before being requested on several campaigns including the will expedition as well as to be the acting Inspector General and command of the first regiment of the 2nd brigade as a Colonel under General Somervell. Finally, James Russell Cook was killed by a man with a pistol over an argument about horse in Washington , Texas and he was 30 years , 10 months 22 days old on March 30, 1843.

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